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Are you looking for an instant solution for weight loss? There are several items available on the market to lose weight but not all of them are up to the mark. L-carnitine is a smart solution for instant weight loss. You can use it frequently in your home or while traveling from one place to another. In this article, we will search for the scientific reason why this coffee is so much effective for the body. Let’s go for a detailed discussion on “L-carnitine instant coffee for weight loss.”


It is known as the quaternary ammonium compound that is available in plants and a few bacteria. While energy metabolism, carnitine will convert a long-chain fatty acid into the mitochondria. Eventually, it will be oxidized for energy production. 

They will also be involved in various products of metabolism from the cells. The bioavailability of this item is below 10% and in the drug bank, the serial number is DB00583.

L-carnitine is known as the levocarnitine. We recognized it as a naturally recognized amino acid structure that is produced by the body.

We use it for congestive heart failure which is recognized as a serious disease. It can be also used in the treatment of kidney disease, diabetes, etc. Though there is no strong evidence behind this, some people believe that L-carnitine will help us to get rid of these diseases.

Types of L-carnitine

Recently, there are quite a few L-carnitine types available in the market and they are effective in their sector. As a user, you need to know the merits and the demerits of the product. It will help you to take the decision easily. Otherwise, you might fall into a trap and it will create some bad incidents.

L-carnitine tartrate

It is one of the most demanding carnitine which is used for athletes. People from all over the world love this form of carnitine for its amazing outcomes for the body. This carnitine will help you to increase your exercise performance. After completing the exercise you will not feel too tired or not any abnormal activities within your body.

It is working like a magic. Something refreshing and give you the instant boost that you are looking for as an athlete.


It is more popular than the first one. This form is more bioavailable in many cases. It will help you to boost your brain function and memories. If you are facing worth some problems with nerve damage this type will also be helpful. So you need to use it according to your need.


Scientists have said that this form of carnitine is effective for heart circulation and function. Those who are suffering from nerve damage problems can also use propionyl L-carnitine. It will help you to retrain from heart damage.

Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine

It is the combination of glycine and the previous version. Again, this one is very much helpful for boosting performance while you are doing an exercise.

Antioxidant L-carnitine

This form of L-carnitine helps protect the cell from severe damage. Like the previous types of L-carnitine, this form is also useful for some nerve damage problems. If you are facing any symptoms of nerve damage, go ahead and use this L-carnitine.

 L-carnitine fumarate

Athletes are using it for improving the experience. This form is helpful and provides accurate results for the users.


Very often we are using this form of carnitine. It is less effective and you will receive a poor result for boosting your energy. We are not recommending you use this version.


It is a synthetic form of carnitine and not so much effective as others. Like the previous one, we are not suggesting you use this version.

The effect of L-CARNITINE on your body

We know that is an amino acid which is playing a vital role in our body cells. They are playing an amazing role in transforming the body and cells. It is also helpful for managing a healthy heart and muscles.

In our body, it is produced naturally and helpful for some common food items like meat and dairy product. If you are facing a lack of nutrients in the body, we are suggesting you use this item.

A real-life example is it is good for the brain. Doctors are suggesting this item if you are dealing with obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Will help you l-carnitine instant coffee for weight loss?

In PubMed, we got

“l-carnitine supplementation provides a modest reducing effect on body weight, BMI and fat mass, especially among adults with overweight/obesity.”

Some prominent bodybuilders and renowned athletes frequently consolidate l-carnitine with caffeine to fuel their exercises and help “cutting” and “destroying” terms that are utilized to depict the time of training in the gym. It is used for quick fat loss healthily.

Studies around this supplement have blended results. Some show that there is a benefit for burning fat in your body while others show that it doesn’t further develop weight reduction over a fake treatment.

Sex, Age, and general body synthesis are vital factors when we will take it.

If you want to use L-Carnitine instant coffee for weight loss, you can check the 4 best L-Carnitine instant coffee reviews.

The effect of L CARNITINE instant coffee | weight loss

l carnitine instant coffee review

We know that there is the presence of amino acids and our body has it. They will help us to convert fat items into energy.

Instant coffee is grounded and brewed. We will freeze it and dehydrate it to make the powder. We will add water to that powder and eventually make it coffee.

We believe that a combination of L-carnitine with instant coffee will help you to lose some weight.

The reason behind mixing it with the coffee

We have noticed a lipolytic effect of caffeine. It will help you to break down the fat cells of the body. This process will help you to get relief from obesity and some other health conditions.

This process will help you with weight reduction, and may likewise assist with diminishing the gamble of treating obesity or other related ailments.

Likewise, caffeine may assist with helping digestion and increment energy levels, which can additionally add to weight reduction.

It will make benefit the brain’s function

This carnitine will help you for boosting brain function. That means after taking it, you feel much sharper and more active. Specifically, it will help us to improve our memory and cognitive work. It could be a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Additionally, it is good for heart health, weight loss, and most importantly exercise capabilities. It is considered a safe drink as it will not make any bad effects on your body.

Benefits for the brain function

Again, here is the presence of amino acid and it plays a vital role in energy production. It will improve the cognitive function of the brain and eventually be good for several diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, it is used for the betterment of heart health, improving exercise performance, and most importantly weight loss.

Interestingly, it is good for energy production during exercise moments. Especially students who are suffering from fatigue, or dementia can take it as a supplement. Let me share with you some common advantages.

  • Enhanced recovery from the L-carnitine injection
  • It will be helpful for the body’s immune system
  • As it will boost your metabolism, you will lose some weight. This process is not very slow.
  • You will feel more energy during and after the workout time.
  • It will help you to get relief from the bad extra fat.
  • You feel fresh and more energetic after using it. Thousands of users around the world are recommending it to use.

Safety and side effects

Along with all the good use of this medicine, it has some drawbacks too. We do not recommend you to use it without the consent of a doctor. As there might be a chance for kidney and liver diseases.

After taking it we have noticed some problems like vomiting, diarrheas, heat burn, seizure, etc.

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, we are suggesting you not use it. It might create some serious side effects. During this time, consult with your doctor and then you should take the medicine.

We suggest you use it for less than 2 grams in a day and that will be fine for the users.

Final few words | L-carnitine instant coffee for weight loss

Though some demerit thousands of users are supporting this item as they are being benefited from taking it. It is good for the health, body, and mind too. If you are searching for a good quality product choose it without any hesitation.

After using this item you can simply tell me your opinion regarding this item and let me know how it affects your exercise health. Leave your comments below regarding this topic.

FAQ about l-carnitine instant coffee

Can I take it every day? 

Yes, you can take it regularly. It is a trustworthy item and will not make a tedious effect on the body and mind. 

Is it available in the market? 

Yes, you can have it easily in the pharmacy or a large shopping mall. 

Can I take L-carnitine without exercise?

Experts suggest taking it before exercise. However, you can take it throughout the day. It will work as a high-carb and high-protein meal. Are you willing to burn some fat or maintain a proper diet? You can use acetyl L-carnitine. 

Is it okay taking l-carnitine empty stomach?

Yes, that would be fine to take L-carnitine empty stomach. The interesting thing is, it will work fine during this time. 

How do I get the best possible result by taking this item? 

Normally, we take this item when we plan to go for exercise. This item will work fine if you take it a few moments prior to going for the workout. Scientists have said that if you take it near about 1 hour prior to the exercise the result will be awesome. 

Does l-carnitine instant coffee help you to reduce some belly fat? 

Yes, obviously this item will help you to reduce belly fat and will make you more energetic than before. This item will help you to reduce some visceral belly fat also and it is a piece of great news for the sportsman. 

Does l-carnitine help you to increase the level of testosterone? 

It will significantly change the testosterone receptor concentration. Scientists have said that there is a good chance to increase it within 21 days. 

Is l-carnitine instant coffee good for your heart? 

Energy production is necessary for ordinary heart function. From different types of studies, we have seen L-carnitine is good for heart health and simultaneously it will reduce the symptoms of angina. 

Does L-carnitine make you sleepy?

Not at all. It will boost your energy and you will feel more comfortable than before. This is a blessing for the sportsman. 

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